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Unlike most other advisory companies, Chartercross is uniquely positioned to provide you with wealth management and asset protection expertise which is not typically accessible to expatriates, due to the country or territory in which they are resident.
We are here for our clients at every stage of life to help them maximise their financial potential.

With clients in over 40 countries our promise is “Simple, Impartial Advice”.

Experts in Managing Your Money

Our expertise stems from our ability to listen to our clients, and formulate strategies tailored to fit.

Chartercross is founded on the principles of Simple, Impartial Advice. We stand behind every financial decision we help our clients make, with years of experience in providing sound guidance.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Wealth & Investment Management

Corporate Services

International Retirement Planning & Pensions


Our Approach

As a capital management company we work with individuals and companies all across the globe.

Nowadays too many wealth management companies focus on selling their own products irrespective of them being suitable for the client. We believe that good advice can only be given when you are completely impartial, that’s why at Chartercross we do not have any products of our own. All of our recommendations are solely based on our client needs.

We use a three step approach when managing client’s assets; Firstly by taking a look at existing portfolio’s, products and wealth we ensure these are still compliant with current legislation. Secondly we eliminate any excess fees and unnecessary management costs currently being paid to ensure maximum growth. Finally, when existing assets are up to date and under control, we focus on understanding goals, priorities and objectives so that we can make your money work for you now and in the future in the most tax efficient way.

An estate plan can be as simple as having a will and naming a beneficiary for your assets, or as sophisticated as having trust or corporate structures in addition to your will.


Regardless of the value of your assets, estate and succession planning should be of paramount importance. Its purpose is to protect loved ones, and ensure your wishes are carried out in the manner of your choosing when the inevitable time arrives.


Ignoring this important stage of financial planning can have devastating consequences for a family, and leave the fruits of a lifetime of work and your legacy exposed to the risk of being eroded by taxation.


• Inheritance Tax Planning • Wills • Asset Protection • Insurance • Trust & Corporate Structure

Estate Planning & Asset Protection
Wealth & Investment Management

This high-level professional service combines financial and investment advice along with re-structuring current positions and products.


Clients work with a single wealth manager and his team who coordinate input from financial experts from the major investment houses and can include coordinating advice from your own attorney, accountants and insurance agent.


Wealth management is more than just investment advice as it encompasses all parts of your financial life.


• Savings & Investments • Asset Management • Existing Portfolio Management
• Financial Planning • Education Planning • Currency transfer (Forex account)

We live in an international world. Many companies are set up and structured in such a way as to take advantage of favorable tax jurisdictions.


Whether it be in setting up an offshore companies, establishing a corporate pension scheme or reducing your foreign exchange costs we are able to offer impartial international advice.


With record low interest rates in the world today it is not efficient for cash to sit on the balance sheet. We can offer international solutions to corporate clients to help navigate the way to a successful endeavor.


• Corporate Pensions • Corporate Forex Account • Group Savings Schemes • Insurance • Trust Formation • Fund Platform • Accountancy & Booking Keeping Services • Asset Management • Legal Services • Corporate Insurances

Corporate Services
International Retirement Planning & Pensions

The average number of years spent in retirement is 25 for men and 30 for women. While it can certainly be said that it is a good thing that lifespans are getting longer, there is an ever-widening gap between what a basic pension provides for and what you will actually need in your retirement years.


Whereas in the past the State Pension could be relied upon to provide an income through to the end of life, nowadays there are simply not enough working individuals paying into the system to support the growing number of retirees who depend upon it, and current studies show that the basic pension runs out after only seven years in retirement. What about after that?


• Retirement for UK expatriates • Retirement for US expatriates • Pension Transfers • QROPS • QNUPS • SIPPS

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Your Trust

Choosing the right company to help you understand your financial situation is one of the most important things any private individual or company can do. Our advisers build a personal relationship with you, and are always on hand to answer your queries, we can assure you we will contact you within 48 hours. Chartercross is regulated by Dubai Insurance Authority and endorsed as a corporate supporter of CISI. It is mandatory for all our staff including administration to be a member of Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments and act in line with Institute’s Code of Conduct. With thousands of clients in over 40 countries worldwide we pride ourselves to be the most recommended, multi-award winning International Wealth Management Company. 


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Calls may be recorded due to financial regulatory requirement to ensure compliance. No data shall be shared or stored for any other purpose than legal compliance obligation.

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