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Our team of trained professionals provide world-class services in all matters of wealth management – from Offshore Banking and FATCA to trust and corporate services as well as everything in between.


We work with both private and corporate clients by using creative products and bespoke strategies to make your money work for you.


We are there every step of the way providing our clients with ongoing support in terms you can understand, to help you keep track of your investments wherever they are in the world, from wherever you are in the world helping you protect your future and the things that are dear to you.

Estate planning is one of the essential elements to your overall wealth management. A good strategy will ensure once wealth is earned it will remain within your family. A clear strategy created with your goals in mind will give you more control, securing your privacy, and preserving your capital for future generations.

• Inheritance Tax Planning • Wills • Asset Protection • Insurance • Trust & Corporate Structures


At Chartercross we help companies of a variety advantageous structures to maximise efficiency and reduce costs of running a business.

Whether it be in setting up an offshore companies, establishing a corporate pension scheme, insuring key staff or reducing your foreign exchange costs we are able to offer simple impartial global advice.

 With record low interest rates in the world today it is not efficient for cash to sit on the balance sheet. We can offer international solutions to corporate clients to help navigate the way to a successful endeavor.

• Corporate Pensions • Corporate Forex Account • Group Savings Schemes • Insurance • Trust Formation • Fund Platform • Accountancy & Booking Keeping Services • Asset Management • Legal Services • Corporate Insurances


Most people will seek a second opinion when it comes to matters of physical health. Wouldn’t it make sense then, to get a second opinion about your financial health? The Portfolio Management team at Chartercross can breathe new life into your investments and keep them performing at their potential.

• Savings & Investments • Asset Management • Existing Portfolio Management • Financial Planning • Education Planning • Currency transfer (Forex account)


Retirement always seems as if it is a far-off goal, but every day that future gets closer. We all have dreams of living easy in our silver years, but for most of us it will remain only a dream if we do not take action towards it.

• Retirement for UK expatriates • Retirement for US expatriates • Pension Transfers • QROPS • QNUPS • SIPPS



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