Chartercross is a multi-award winning, regulated capital management company, and we know that the world of investment is complex, thus making correct and informed decisions is paramount for success. With our ever-expanding global reach we help clients across the world make those important decisions that are right for them.


Unlike most other advisory companies, Chartercross is uniquely positioned to provide our private clients wealth management and asset protection expertise which are not typically accessible to expatriates, due to the country or territory in which they are resident.


We specialise in international, and offshore advisory services for individuals as well as corporate clients. We recognise that every client is an individual, with individual goals and circumstances.


At Chartercross you will be treated as such, and we ensure that only the appropriate options respective to your specific needs are offered.  With a full spectrum view of each individual case, we assist in not just the creation of wealth, but its preservation as well.


Our expertise stems from our ability to listen to our clients, and formulate strategies tailored to fit.  We are here for our clients at every stage of life to help you maximise their financial potential. Working for your best interest is in our best interest, so you can rest assured knowing that our team of professionals are looking after you.


Chartercross is founded on the principles of Simple, Impartial Advice. We stand behind every financial decision we help our clients make, with years of experience in providing sound guidance.


Mission & Global Impact

Dedicated to changing the perception of wealth and asset management – Chartercross Capital Management


Chartercross is founded on the principles of Simple, Impartial Advice.


Our goals are equally simple:


Through the removal of unsuitable products from the market, we aim to eliminate unnecessary fees and charges whilst improving our clients experience and perception of the industry as a whole

About Chartercross Capital Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is more than a success factor for a business – A sustainable lifestyle is viewed as personal enrichment and represents a conscious decision for many people worldwide including both our employees and clients alike.


We believe every individual can make a difference towards building a brighter outcome for future generations on our planet.


Living in today’s global communications and technology age it is no longer necessary to meet our clients face to face nor to have all your documents printed. That’s why we have structured our business in such a way our employees’ can limit their emissions footprint as well as save you costs by excluding international flights. We aim to conduct all our business over the phone and by embracing modern technology.


Chartercross offers green ethical options for Socially Responsible Investor

Integrity – CISI

CISI Financial Services Professional Body

‘Chartercross is delighted to align ourselves with what the CISI stands for Professionalism Integrity & Excellence. Our ongoing commitment to the standards of professional excellence and integrity set out by the institute dovetails perfectly with our passion of offering the best possible service to our clients across the world’

James Dodds ACSI Managing Director Chartercross Capital Management


Professionalism, Integrity & Excellence

The CISI is the professional body of choice for professionals in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of major financial centers’ globally. Formed in 1992 by London Stock Exchange practitioners, we have a global community of more than 40,000 members in 116 countries and last year more than 40,000 CISI exams were sat in 80 countries.


The CISI believes professionalism is the blend of three elements:

Knowledge – gaining the initial competence to do your job through professional qualifications, developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Skills – continuing Professional Development (CPD) and ongoing learning which enables you to maintain competence through a professional body membership.

Behavior – upholding the highest standards of integrity by signing up to a professional body’s code of conduct.

They believe a professional is someone who has a combination of knowledge and skills, and acts with integrity. And their purpose, as a professional body, is to provide and encourage the attributes necessary to be a professional.


What are Corporate Supporters?

Invited organizations from across the wealth management industry have the opportunity to become corporate supporters. This is a public endorsement by the corporate supporter of the aims and objectives of the CISI including support of the Institute’s Code of Conduct. Supporters demonstrate a shared commitment to high standards of excellence and professionalism.

Calls may be recorded due to financial regulatory requirement to ensure compliance. No data shall be shared or stored for any other purpose than legal compliance obligation.

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Dedicated to changing the perception of wealth management sector Chartercross Capital Management

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International Awards

  • Chartercross Capital Management has been nominated for the following awards Cross-Border Advisory Firm of the Year, Award for Excellence in Micro-Finance, Best Global Wealth Management Firm 2018, Recognised Leader in Private Wealth Management, Best Global Wealth Management Firm 2018...

  • Chartercross Capital Management are specialists in wealth management and asset protection and are headquartered in Dubai. We spoke to James Dodd, ACSI Managing Director, to find out more. Established in 2013, Chartercross has since flourished and today the firm serves a wide range of clients around the world. James discusses how the company works to meet the individuals needs of all of its valued clients....