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If you are asked the question, “Who do you bank with?” the chances are that like most people you will give the name of the institution in which you keep your current account. But relatively few will answer with the name of the individual bank manager who is charged with looking after their money. At Chartercross, Asset and Portfolio Management is all about individualised service, feedback and making the most out of what you have.

What exactly constitutes a “portfolio” though? To put it simply, your portfolio is everything you own. In today’s fast moving world of finance, advisors sometimes move abroad and brokers sometimes switch institutions. So it often happens that investors lose track of the people who were looking after their assets for them, and they end up with investments that may be out of date or unsure of where exactly their money is.

The purpose of professional asset management is matching investments to objectives, and recognising opportunity and then reacting accordingly. This includes financial statement analysis, security selection, the implementation of plans, and of course ongoing monitoring of the strategy and making adjustments to it as necessary. In order to be effective it is vital that your portfolio is looked after actively, so that if a strategy isn’t working it can be recognised promptly and replaced with a fresh idea.

We have the tools to revitalise your portfolio, and get your assets working for you again. For starters, we offer exclusive access to the Chartercross GRS. The GRS (Global Reporting System) brings all of your disparate assets together into a single, more manageable dossier which gives you much greater insight into where your investments are and what they are doing. It can even give you the daily closing balance of your offshore bank account.

Most people will seek a second opinion when it comes to matters of physical health. Wouldn’t it make sense then, to get a second opinion about your financial health? The Portfolio Management team at Chartercross can breathe new life into your investments and keep them performing at their potential.

With our Latitude Fund Platform, long gone are the days of waiting weeks and months to get a report of what your portfolio is doing. Latitude gives you unlimited access to your account with live valuations and on-demand access 24/7, 365 days a year. Additionally, monthly account statements are automatically sent via secure email, making it the most most reliable and beneficial product on the market for asset and portfolio management.

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A structured financial product is a pre-packaged product that implements a number of various strategies to create investment opportunities that keep risk to a minimum while at the same time providing for specific return requirements. It takes the elements of a traditional security; an investment grade bond or share for example- and links its pay-out structure to the performance of an underlying security or basket of securities, i.e. a currency, a commodity, an index or indices.

The benefits of investing in Structured financial Products include:

- Guaranteed Principal Protection

While there are countless varieties of structured notes with each having its own individual terms, there are many that offer guaranteed principal protection. This means simply that no matter what happens with the underlying asset, the principal investment will be returned in full to the investor at the note’s maturity date. Although there is always a trade-off between risk and potential return, principal protection is a feature that makes structured financial products extremely attractive to many investors.

- An alternative to direct investment

As opposed to investing directly in equities or bonds, structured financial products follow the performance of a benchmark, ie the FTSE100, or S&P 500. For example if FTSE 100 goes up by “x” amount by the observation date, then the pay-out on the structured product will by “y”.

- Easy access to derivatives

As there is no direct underlying investment, but instead a combination of underlying shares, bonds, commodities or tracking indices- structured financial products can offer investors access to derivatives and asset classes that would be otherwise inaccessible to them.

- Diversifies portfolio

Structured financial products offer customised exposure through the implementation of highly specified terms. For example, market volatility can be “smoothed” by tracking a set of indices with low-correlation to one another.

There is some risk associated with any investment. Due to the highly customised nature of structured products, liquidity can sometimes become an issue.  However, provided that the investment strategy fits in with the investor’s return requirements and overall attitude toward risk, structured financial products can add diversification and value to his or her portfolio. At Chartercross, we specialise in understanding the balance between where our clients need to go, and what it takes to get them there. Let us help to determine if structured products are right for you

Using a bank account as the means to grow one’s savings is often the result of a poorly informed decision. In order to simply remain at balance the interest rate earned on the account must be at least as high as the rate of inflation. Sadly these days, with inflation as ever on the rise and interest rates stalling, simply leaving surplus cash to sit in an account is tantamount to throwing it away. There is no reason to sit idly by and watch your saving’s potential dwindle.  The sooner it is intelligently invested, the more time it has to build upon itself and compound growth with real gains.

We will help you analyse your financial position so that you can make the most out of your investments. You worked hard to earn your money. Now make it work hard for you.

By utilising Latitude –  our online fund platform for both regular and lump sum investments, we are
giving control back to our clients by providing them with:

  • A+ rated security using one of the highest rated and trusted financial institutes in the EU
  • Offshore custodian account
  • Flexibility and portability
  • No minimum premiums
  • Multi-asset strategies
  • Investment protection with automated alerts & stop losses

As well as many, many more benefits. This makes Latitude is an unparalleled solution offering minimal costs, quality, control and ease of use for all of your saving and investment needs.

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Retirement always seems as if it is a far-off goal of the future, but every day that future gets closer. We all have dreams of living easy in our silver years, but for most of us it will remain only a dream if we do not take action towards it.

Life expectancy is increasing. The average number of years spent in retirement in the UK is 13 for men and 20 for women. While it can certainly be said that it is a good thing that our lifespans are getting longer, there is an ever-widening gap between what a basic pension provides for and what you will actually need in your retirement years. Whereas in the past the State Pension could be relied upon to provide an income through to the end of life, nowadays there are simply not enough working individuals paying into the system to support the growing number of retirees who depend upon it, and current studies show that the basic pension runs out after only seven years in retirement. What about after that?

The future does not have to be dismal. You can create the future that you want. With careful planning and action today, you can ensure that you and your family will be provided for tomorrow and each subsequent day after.

With an ever increasing life expectancy and a failing company pension system the need for individuals to save more money for their retirement has never been greater.  Fortunately, the Latitude Fund Platform is the most cost effective beneficial product on the market – for this savings goal and many others.

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One of the most important issues any parent must consider is where and how their children will be educated. While it is certainly a substantial financial commitment, a child’s education is an investment, not just an expense. It is one of the most important and invaluable assets you can pass along to your children, giving them the edge they need to not just survive, but thrive in the ever-increasingly competitive world.

In the UK, costs of education are rising at an average of 2 percent above inflation, or 5-7% per year. As the annual costs often run into the tens of thousands of pounds, plans must be put into place as forward in advance as possible in order to arrive at the intended amount. As an expat, your child’s education must especially not be taken for granted. In many countries the entire cost of the education must be borne by the parents.

Questions to ask your advisor:

  • How much will I need for the education I desire for my children?
  • How will factors such as inflation affect the amount I need to save?
  • What sort of investment strategy can I use that will keep risk to the lowest possible minimum while at the same time providing enough opportunity to grow?
  • Are there any tax advantages I can garner from education planning?

The advantages of a first-class education cannot be measured simply in monetary value. Enhanced career opportunities, greater confidence and self-esteem, as well as much broader spectrum of choice are but a few of the benefits. The value of a superior education far outweighs the costs. It is imperative that plans are put into place now so that your child does not end up having to borrow in order to finance it in the future. If you put off planning you may well find yourself having to scramble at the last minute, forcing your child to settle for an institution of second or third choice due to lack of sufficient funds.

With the right advice and preparation, we can help you take the worry and hardship out of planning for your children’s education. Of course you want to give them the best chances for the brightest future. Chartercross is here to help.

Today’s job market has an almost mandatory need for a university degree. This leaves parents having to fund their children well past secondary school more often than not. Fortunately, the Latitude Fund Platform is the most cost effective beneficial product on the market – for this savings goal and many others.

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