Global Reporting System

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything that you have. All too often the information we need is buried in a draw or in one of the many boxes or files that all seem to use. Putting your hands on the information you need is often time consuming and frustrating.

Our Global Reporting System (GRS) is designed to take all of these annoyances away and make things once again simple.

The Chartercross GRS allows you to view a consolidated report of all your assets and liabilities wherever you can access the Internet. Our GRS system is updated daily using prices current at the close of trading New York time the previous day for all of your financial investments.

All of your assets can be included, as the GRS can incorporate shares, mutual funds, unit trusts and pensions, fixed income, property and even investments in art or antiques. It will also handle liabilities such as mortgages, insurances or investment loans.

With some of the world’s premier banking institutions the GRS is even able to automatically show the close of day balance in your offshore bank account.

Simple, easy to read valuations means you are able to analyse your assets by currency or sector and view charts of the performance of your holdings.

Your security is paramount to us at Chartercross. Access to your GRS is by User Identification code and password; it boasts the latest encryption techniques to protect all of your data, and most importantly- at no time is your name and contact details associated with your investments on line.